The Linen Bedding That Makes Itself

The Linen Bedding That Makes Itself

A few years ago, Sam and I made the switch to linen bedding. I like the natural fibers and the laid back look. Sam likes that it is somehow cooling in the summer yet warm in the winter. But once Luc came along, our bed felt perpetually messy. Not the good lived in messy that linen manages to pull off, but the comforter-on-one-side, sheet-on-the-other, linens-hanging-on-the-floor kind of messy. With three of us in the bed, and no energy left for cleaning, let alone bed making, I felt like a total slob. That's when I discovered Primary Goods.

Primary makes linen duvet covers, pillow cases, and sheet sets and sells it all as a set. And because they sell directly to consumers, their price point is among the best you'll find for linen bedding. But the thing that really sold me on them is that the sheet snaps onto the comforter. So to make the bed, all you have to do is literally shake the comforter out once and you're done.

At first I thought the idea was a pinch gimmicky, but I was intrigued. So I got the bedding set in white and gave it a try. We've had Primary for a few weeks now, and I'm sold. The top sheet is cut a bit smaller than the duvet cover, so you don't see the snaps. Something as simple as attaching the top sheet to the duvet cover has actually made life easier. Making the bed now takes two seconds, and even unmade it doesn't look messy. If I get hot at night, I just unsnap my side so I can just use the sheet and toss the comforter toward Sam and Luc. 

If you want to give Primary a try, use code ChelseaHarrison10 for 10% off your purchase of $200 or more.