Daily Harvest Review: The Six Best Cups

Daily Harvest Review: The Six Best Cups

I've been ordering from Daily Harvest for about a year now, so I've finally narrowed down my favorite smoothie flavors and latte cups. For those of you who don't know, Daily Harvest is a superfood subscription service. They send ready to make smoothies, soups, bowls, sundaes, and lattes to your door. All you have to do is add liquid and blend (or heat for soups and bowls). 

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While I still love making my own smoothies, I fall back on the same ingredients time after time. Using Daily Harvest allows me to get a wider variety of ingredients without having to invest in tons of superfoods or buy produce that may spoil. They use mostly organic ingredients and freeze their produce at peak freshness to seal in the nutritional benefits and flavor. 

I primarily order smoothies and latte cups because I love the flavors and those are foods I eat all the time anyway. To make a smoothie you just fill the provided cup with the liquid of your choice (I like to use organic cow's milk or oat-hemp milk), pour the whole cup in the blender, blend for about 30 seconds or until smooth, and then pour back into the cup and go! It couldn't be easier. And the servings are huge. Definitely enough for two! One flavor that may be creeping its way into my top 6 is Papaya + Mango. So summery and beachy. Add a banana and its basically a healthy pina colada. Wait, why isn't it in my top six??

The latte cups are also amazing because they come with three pods per cup. All you do is add the pod to the milk or plant milk of your choice and heat and stir. I like to use a milk frother for extra foam. And while it didn't make my top six, I think the mushroom hot chocolate deserves an honorable mention.

1. Watermelon + Cucumber - Light, refreshing and fruity. A great hydrator.

2. Cold Brew + Almond - Like a Frappuccino but less sweet and much healthier.

3. Mint + Cacao - Mint chocolate chip milkshake.

4. Chai + Coconut - Think frozen chai latte. Very filling.

5. Ginger + Turmeric Latte - If you are a turmeric milk fan, this is great! 

6. Dragonfruit + Lychee - Fruity and slightly tart. This is Luc's favorite.

Bonus Faves: Mango + Papaya is amazing. Very tropical. And the Chaga + Chocolate Latte is a delicious healthy hot chocolate. I don't like my hot chocolate very rich so I actually get 6 servings out of each cup!

If you're not that into smoothies and lattes, they also offer grain bowls, hot soups, chilled soups, overnight oats, and chia puddings. I mostly stick to the smoothies, but the minestrone soup is excellent.

When you give Daily Harvest a try, make sure to use the code thenakedfig for 3 FREE CUPS in your first order!