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Pink Glossier Bags: The Perfect Care Kit

Chelsea HarrisonComment
Pink Glossier Bags: The Perfect Care Kit

When I posted on Instagram about my favorite way to repurpose those extra Glossier bags, I had no idea how much this idea would resonate with people. And I’m thrilled. Because this idea is a fun and easy way to be prepared when someone asks for help. So here is what I do:

When I’m driving and see someone without shelter asking for assistance, I like to have something ready for them. I often see people at red lights and there isn’t much time to scramble to find money or snacks in my car to share. I realized I had extra Glossier bags building up and connected that they would be useful for someone outdoors since they are waterproof. So I threw some items in the bags that I wished I had on hand when people asked for help and stuck them in my glove box and center console.

I shared this on my Instagram stories and had tons of people ask for ideas about what to include in the care packages. I wanted to make a post to use as a resource. This list is by no means exhaustive and the best way to find out what people really need is to ask them or to ask people that work directly with homelessness.

As far as having things on hand for making the care package, I just keep an eye on when items on this list go on sale or I check the dollar store. That way I always have something ready to make a care package. If you have more ideas to add to this list, please leave them in the comments!

  • period products (tampons, pads)

  • individually wrapped ibuprofen

  • snacks

  • cash

  • giftcards to Starbucks or chain restaurants/stores (this can also provide someone bathroom access as a customer)

  • socks

  • wet wipes

  • hand warmers (in winter or cold climates)

  • bus pass

  • tissues

  • bandaids

  • chapstick

  • deodorant

  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

  • sample size toiletries (save them from hotels)

  • ear plugs

  • a hand written note of support

And of course you can use any bag to make these care packages if you don’t have a bunch of extra Glossier bags sitting around. But in case you are tempted to order some Glossier products, here are my favorites. These are affiliate links, but I literally own and use everyone of these products and love them.