Travel: Joshua Tree

Travel: Joshua Tree

For our honeymoon we knew three things: We wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny. We wanted it to be somewhere completely different from home.  And we wanted to keep it affordable.

We decided on Joshua Tree after finding TONS of great Airbnb's at reasonable prices close to the entrance of the National Park. I couldn't make up my mind so we actually booked two different Airbnb's and split our time. We flew into Los Angeles, rented a car, and drove the 2.5 hours to the high desert. 

Joshua Tree is a small town and the main appeal is the scenery, so we spent most of our time in the National Park or taking in the views from home. Our first stay was at a Buckminster Fuller inspired geodesic dome.

The best part of the trip was drinking coffee and watching the sunrise and drinking champagne at sunset. We actually had lots of rain including some incredible desert thunderstorms.


The National Park was an incredible place to hike and drive through. 

This is the face of someone who did not bring the appropriate gear for an 8 mile desert mountain hike. And definitely not enough water.

After driving from Joshua Tree to the southern entrance to the park, we stopped in Palm Springs to go to my favorite Vintage Store, The Fine Art of Design. We also stopped by Moorten Botanical Garden, an incredible cactus and succulent garden that was almost unreal. This photo is not even edited and it looks like a painting.

We ate most of our meals at home - that is one of the reasons we love to get an airbnb with a kitchen - but we had an unbelievable meal at La Copine. If you go to Joshua Tree, this restaurant is a must.

Our second Airbnb was created by the same couple as the dome and was equally lovely.  The dome had better views, but the charming vintage appliances and the outdoor bathtub made the cabin just as good.

Time to plan our next trip. Where should we go? If you know of any beautiful Airbnb's, let me know in the comments below. 

And for more information about these ones check out: