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Fruit Spring Rolls

Chelsea HarrisonComment
Fruit Spring Rolls

I love spring rolls. Like, an eat-them-once-a-week kind of love. And I would probably eat them every day if it wasn't such a chore to roll them. But recently it occurred to me that I've been wasting an opportunity by using the rice paper wraps only for savory rolls. By combining coconut sticky-rice style noodles with fresh fruit, I created a desert spring roll to satisfy any sweet tooth. Just trust me and try it.



Julienned or thinly sliced fruit (I used banana, strawberry, fig, dragon fruit, and kiwi. I wish I had used mango too!)

8 oz thin rice noodles

1 can coconut milk

1/4 cup sugar (honey works too)

rice paper wraps (I really like these brown rice ones)

To prepare the coconut rice noodles, heat coconut milk and sugar in a medium saucepan until barely boiling. Add noodles, stir, and reduce heat to medium-low. Cook noodles until the coconut milk is mostly absorbed.

To assemble:

Dip rice paper wrap in shallow dish of warm water for about twenty seconds. Lay flat on work surface. Place a couple slices of each fruit on the wrap as well as about two tablespoons of the rice noodles. To roll the wrap, fold the left side of the wrap toward the center. Then fold the top and bottom of the wrap in just about a half inch to seal the ends. Next, continue rolling from left to right. If you've ever rolled a burrito, its the same concept (only stickier!). The first few may look messy, but it gets easier. 

fruit spring rolls